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Yvonne Jegede Airs Her Opinion On Depression

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede is concerned with the rate at which people commit suicide nowadays due to depression.

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Yvonne Jegede shares her views concerning the strike that was to be carried out by NLC

“Good morning. Talking about the strike and watching the news this morning seeing all these NLC leaders and other political analysts talking, I am even more worried about my dear country. This ‘CORRUPTION’ is skin deep, fuel price went high up while there’s no electricity. “A long battle with fuel scarcity and price hike is what we get in return, I’m with the people who believe Nigerians are people who get used to problems. ‘The problems come, we complain and if no result comes, we adjust and move on’.

Just last year ‘WE’ were asked to vote, now, with the situation of this country I had faith one with a conscience would at least stand up and say enough is enough, let me save my country, let me save my people, let me change things, let me create a society good enough for my ‘own’ children ‘I may not be here tomorrow’ don’t you people think that far??? “I am not a politician, I know nothing about politics, but I’m on a verge of [losing] my mind about my beloved country. Someone should save us naaaaaaaaaa.

You guys up there save us PLEASE. We have become our own government, we provide our own water, we provide our own electricity (generator), most times people on the streets donate money to fix their own streets, people provide their own security and even common citizens now stand as health insurance for others (donating money on social media when they are supposed to be in the hospital getting care, if the federal hospitals were working wetin concern them with social media). We are tired of suffering. “The people are tired of living like animals, we haven’t asked you to give us the looted money, we are just asking for electricity, good roads, water, sewage, in polluted air, agriculture, healthcare, a functioning government and security (Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen). They are not too much to ask for. Just the basics for Christ Sake.

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