[Video] University Of Nairobi Students Riot After Being Barred From Cooking In Hostel

Students at the University of Nairobi, Kenya reportedly went on a rampage on the evening of Saturday, May 14 following the decision by the authorities to ban them from cooking in their hostels.

According to the protesting students, the decision was tantamount to harassment by the institution’s leadership.

Citizen TV reports that the students accused Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Mbithi of dictatorship and said he was using underhand methods to try and stifle the students union and curtail basic freedoms.
During the rampage, the university kitchen and dining area were destroyed. The aggrieved students then went on to loot and destroy equipment which was set aside for use for a concert at the institution the following day.

Motorists and passersby were also harassed and robbed by the protesting students.

According to The Standard, the students claimed that they could not afford to buy food from the university, saying it was overpriced.
The University was only just reopened a few weeks ago after being closed for five weeks. The school authorities ordered that the school be shut down when violence broke out in the aftermath of student union elections.

The University of Nairobi was one of Africa’s best ranked institutions of higher learning, with a recent report rating it fourth best in Africa.