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Tiwa Goes Savage On Critics Attacking Her For Supporting #BlackLivesMatter Camapign

Nigerian pop star, Tiwa Savage who is currently in South Africa decided to lend her voice in speaking against the unlawful killing of Blacks by police officers in America but unfortunately, she was met with backlash from her fans in Nigeria who felt she was merely paying lip service to the goings-on in America without first addressing issues springing up in her own motherland.

The illustrious singer and mother shared the photo below in support of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

When it seemed people did not want to let her be for being sensitive to issues affecting the world as a whole, Tiwa took to her Instagram page to defend her actions. She stated unequivocally,  ‘I don’t need to justify my support for #BlackLivesMatter‘.

Read her post below:

Let us not let the devil distract us by letting us fight amongst ourselves and lose focus on the many tragedies happening around the whole. Yes you as an individual might not be able to fight for every cause but even the little you do will help’.

‘I don’t need to justify my support for#blacklivesmatter and it’s sad that some people should even question my support because I’m sure these same people were happy when the rest of the world supported us with our#bringbackourgirlsmovement, but you don’t want us to show support because it is not right on our doorstep. This is exactly what the enemy wants and he “the devil” is a liar’.

‘We will keep supporting each other and not get distracted and just to clarify what happens at home means so much to me as a Nigerian. I didn’t just hashtag I joined several walks in protest, used my voice as an artist and wrote ‘olorun mi’ as a tribute to lives lost on the Dana crash and will continue to do many more as it is my duty as a Nigerian, a citizen of this world and a child of the Most High’.