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Leo DiCaprio And Tobey Maguire Lay The Mack Down in Saint Tropez

Leonardo DiCaprio loves hoggin’ around models in bikinis. Last time we saw him he was spitting his “you know, I don’t even work out” game at a 4th of July bash and sadly, it worked. As douchey as they may seem, he and his pussy posse slay more vagina than a hundred Scott Disicks. They also remain the only bro-squad on the planet that will fight you for denying climate change.

My only question is, what the hell is going on in this picture??

Spit it out!
CREDIT: Backgrid

Tobey: “I think Morning View was a real watershed moment for Incubus, it really established them as a band that transcended early 2000’s alt-rock HOLY SHIT, LEO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”
Leo: “SPIT IT OUT!! She just swallowed an ice cube, THIS IS WHY THE EARTH IS GETTING HOTTER!”
Tobey: “Christ, not again…”