Kimfly Stock Rom, Firmware Free Download

Firmwares (Stock ROMs) for restoring bricked Kimfly phones.
Flash the bin files using Miracle Box, Volcano Box, GPG Dragon or any other box
You can get tutorials on how to use them
Kimfly A7
Chip: SPD 6531


Kimfly A8
Chip: SPD 6531

Kimfly A12

Chip: SPD 6531

Kimfly A14
Chip: SPD 6531

Kimfly A17
Chip: SPD 6531


Kimfly K109


Kimfly K5500
Chip: SPD 6531

Kimfly T2000
Chip: SPD 6531

Kimfly Z4
Chip: SPD 6820/8810

Kimfly Z5
Chip: SPD 6820/8810

Kimfly Z6
Chip SPD 6820/8810

How to flash Kimfly devices with bin file using Miracle Box
Launch Miracle Box
Click on SPD tab
Tick Write
Under Choose type, Select the chip of the device you want to flash
Click the small yellow folder
Navigate to the ROM/Firmware folder and select the bin file
Click Start button
You will see Scanning USB Serial port…
Connect device to PC while holding boot key (volume up or volume down)
Miracle will detect the phone and start flashing process
When you see Done! Flashing process is complete
Disconnect and boot up phone