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Iskra Lawrence Doing Underwear Things

Iskra Lawrence is one of the most famous plus-sized models in the world right now and justifiably so, she’s got girth. That’s the medical term right? She’s part of the new wave of models who aren’t named Hadid or Thorne. The kind that weren’t developed in a laboratory incubator. The kind who doesn’t draw their sustenance out of an IV of laxative tea and vodka. She’s a real lady and gosh darn it, it’s nice to see every once in a while.

Now that doesn’t mean that all big girls need to be looked at as “the new sexy”. You can still miss the mark pretty easily. Especially if you have lips like a suckerfish and found fame by acting like a hot dog snarfing troglodyte from New Jersey…


**hello darkness my old friend…**