Indians won’t buy 3G Nokia 3310 but HMD has an irresistible offer

India may not be getting the 3G Nokia 3310 but instead something better, 4G nokia. The reason for this drastic step is to bring the exciting and irresistible recipe to the Indian phone market where people do not actually love the 3G network any longer. Jio's Jiophone is the catch.

GSMarena reports that in an interview Ajey Mehta the Vice President of HMD Global for India divulged that HMD is considering making a 4G featured phone. He referenced Reliance Jio's JioPhone, an affordable 4G feature phone that's making an impact on the market. HMD is one of the few remaining to do featured phones so it might have a go at the ultra-affordable market in the subcontinent if interest converts to actual sales..