How To Prepare Banga Soup

Banga Soup is a very rich soup made from palm nut extract – with a little South Eastern flair, this Ofe Akwu is best served with boiled white rice. This soul food recipe is easy to prepare; just keep in mind to season your meat well to unlock all of the flavours!

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3 cups palm nut extract
2 medium fresh panla (or fish/meat of choice)
4 medium ata rodo (Scotch bonnet pepper)
½ cooking spoon chopped scent leaves
4 medium pomo
1 large dry fish
½ cup crayfish
1 medium onion
2 tbsp. iru


1. Spice the fresh fish and pomo, then set aside.
2. Blend the iru, ata rodo, crayfish and onion into a mixture, then set aside.
3. Cook your fresh palm nut extract in a pot for 30 min. (until the palm oil surfaces).
4. Once the extract thickens, add the blended mixture, as well as the dry fish, pomo and fresh fish.
5. Add seasoning and salt to taste.
6. Cook for 15 min., then add the scent leaves.
7. Simmer for 2 min. before serving.

Best served hot with boiled rice or any swallow of choice.