How To Make Money From Your Facebook Photos

There is a marketplace for buying and selling a user generated content, it is called Lobster and it has announced its integration with Facebook. This means Facebook users can sign up with Lobster and sell their content to advertiser.

How to Lobster works:

All you need do is to sign up on Lobster to have your photo marketed on the platform. The photos you uploaded are browsed through by Advertisers or regular people who then license them at $2 per piece or on a subscription base. Now major portion of the commission goes to the content owner who uploaded it and small cut goes back to Lobster for facilitating the transaction.

Imagine an advertiser for a huge company like Heineken stumbles upon a Facebook photo of Jane and Matt drinking Heineken, but it isn’t listed on Lobster. Lobster will then contact Jane and Matt to facilitate the communication between the advertisers and Jane and Matt to see if the creator would like the advertiser to license that photo and make money.

You can learn more about Lobster here.

Lobster was launched out of Disrupt Europe in 2014, it started with Instagram and Flickr content licensing.

Some weeks ago the company expanded to include YouTube videos, with licensing cost at about $7 per video.

Learn more about lobster money make site here.