How To Fix A Dead MTK Android Phone

If you accidentally bricked your MTK phone through whatever means then see:
How to Unbrick / fix a bricked Tecno phone
How to Unbrick / fix a bricked Gionee phone

Some people; however, attempt unbricking / fixing their bricked MTK phones using either the wrong procedure or OS files. As a result, their devices get worse. The phones enter into a higher level of unbricking whereby, they don’t even boot or charge any more, just dead. Even pressing the power button would have no effect in such a scenario. What has happened is called a corrupted or missing Preloader (preloader.bin).
We wont go into details about the function of the Preloader but one function – which you must’ve figured out by now – is that it helps make your MTK phone boot. To fix the problem of a Corrupted / missing Preloader, you’ll need the following:

Tools needed

* Download SP Flash Tool
* PC
* USB Cord
* If you have access to a working phone of the same model then follow this guide @ LINK

to make an MTK backup which should contain Preloader.bin and all other files you’ll need
* If you don’t have access to a working phone of the same model then download an MTK backup for your phone model @:

Tecno Stock ROMs
Gionee Stock ROMs
Infinix Stock ROMs
Opsson Stock ROMs

* If the MTK backup doesn’t contain preloader.bin then download preloader.bin for your phone model (Preloader.bin for Tecno phones only )


* Using SP Flash Tool, flash the preloader.bin first (see SP Flash tool guide @LINK

* If flashing was successful then your phone should at least be able to vibrate when you press the power button or boot if the correct files are present on your phone; else, flash other necessary files to make the phone boot up and start working normally again.