Groom Bitten By Snake On Wedding Day As Couple Pose For Photographs

Laura Loretz, 33, and Johnny Benson, of Fort Collins, Colorado, got married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Monday afternoon. Then, along with their bridal party, they headed to the Horsetooth Reservoir to take some pictures before making their way to their reception.

While the bridal party went to the reception venue, Johnny, 44, stayed behind to get the perfect shot at sunset with his new wife.

As their wedding photographer took pictures of the couple walking hand in hand along a trail, Johnny was bitten on his ankle but after a quick stop at the hospital, they made it to their wedding reception to dance the night away with their guests.

‘All of a sudden it was like someone kicked me in the shin,’ he told the Denver Post. ‘Then I looked over and saw the snake sitting there, and it was rattling.’

A County park ranger soon came to their aid and the groom was taken to Poudre Valley Hospital to be treated for the bite.

Fortunately, it was a ‘dry bite’ – meaning no venom was injected – so after a tetanus shot, the couple made it to their evening reception.

Laura described the incident as ‘pretty epic’.

‘It was scary for a minute,’ she told the Post. ‘Once we got to the emergency room, it was super, super fast.’