Google Makes Change To Play Store To Help Users Identify Ad-Supported Apps

Google has made a change to its Google Play app store this week, to help users identify the apps which display ads when they are used on Android handsets and tablets.
The change made by Google to the Play app store was first spotted in a forum of users of Android-powered devices on Reddit.
As a result of the change made by Google, the Google Play app on Android-based mobile devices will now have a line of text which reads ‘Contains ads’ just underneath the green install button of ad-supported apps.


The position of the ‘Contains ads’ line of text in the Google Play app on Android handsets and tablets is the same spot at which Google has, since long, been informing users about apps which have in-app purchases.
In an explanation of Google’s move to introduce a change to Google Play app store to notify users about ad-supported apps, a Google spokesperson said that the key objective behind the move is “to provide more transparency and help users make more informed decisions.”