Google Launches New Keyboard For iOS

Google has announced a new feature-rich keyboard for the iPhone and it is called the Gboard.

The key board brings an all-in-pone experience into the iOS keyboard with quick access to Google search box – with which you can find and send data such as locations and links, search results, images, and GIFs without leaving the app you’re in.
The app is very much similar to most of the third-party keyboards out there but it adds a very interesting twist with the Google Search integration.

Design-wise, it doesn’t look any different from the stock iOS 9 keyboard save for the colorful ‘G’ button on the top left corner.
Tapping on that button will open up a Google Search bar within the keyboard and results of your search will show below the search bar.

Once you carry out a search, you can choose to either see the web results, images or GIFs, or input any desired result from the search directly into the app that you are using the keyboard in.

There is also a feature called Glide which is basically one-hand typing nirvana. The feature lets you type by simply moving your finger from one key to the other without lifting your finger of the screen of the phone.

Google says it will not be collecting any personal data off the app but it will collect “anonymous statistics” to “diagnose problems when the app crashes and…know which features are used most often like your searches.”

The Gboard is currently available for download on Apple’s AppStore.