Biafra: While We Slept! The Enemies Put A Knife Into The Bond That Held Us Together And Divided Us.

While we slept! Yes! While we through our forefathers slept, the enemies put a knife into the bond that held us together and divided us.

They started by telling us that we have no history. And because we kept quiet and did not shun them, they proceeded by stealing our identity, they stole our bond of unity, stole our culture, stole our way of writing called Nsibidi, stole our way of worship and language. Then they lied that the Pyramids our ancestors built in Udi, Enugu State was but a charade.

And in other to make sure that we were divided to a point of non reconciliation, they set up the minority commissions in our axis of the country only (The Eastern region) but maintained the monolithic North in spite of the over 200 minorities in the ‘’North’’.

Fortunately for them, they succeeded in telling the Igbo man from the head of the River Niger that he is totally different from the one from across the River Niger. They equally succeeded in dividing us into Bendel  Igbo, Delta Igbo, Mainland Igbo and any other name they can remember.

While we slept, they told their self created ‘’minorities’’ that the Igbos were their problem. They planted the ‘’narrative’’ of Igbo domination in their midst.

While we slept! While our forefathers slept, they merged us with people we have never heard of. People with a strange life style who came from the Fulbe Futa Jallon. Who place more value on the life of animal than that of human. Who could take the lives of his ‘’fellow country man’’ because of a cartoon of his prophet drawn in faraway Denmark.

They lived because we slept.  They lied because we kept mute. They told lies and it succeeded because we failed to decode the evil discord and narrative they were driving at.
While our parents slept, they stole our original Biafran identity and called us Nigerians.  A name that is totally strange to us. A name without a ‘’meaningful meaning’’.  A name given to us by a wayward mistress. Name that even a Dog will ordinarily not be happy to answer.

Off course, they came through the British colonists. They gave us the holy bible and asked us to close our eyes for prayer. But by the time we opened our eyes, our land and its mineral contents were gone. Then they proceeded further to run a media blockade against us.

Because of their media advantage, they told the world that the January 1966 Coup D’état which was planned and executed by Junior Army officers  with representatives from all regions of country: Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogun; from Mid-Western region, Emmanuel Ifeajuna; from the Eastern region, John Atom Kpera; from the Northern region, Adewale Ademoyega; from the Western region was an Igbo Coup. And because it suited their narrative of massacring our people, all the Igbos became one. Infact, at that point, all Easterners became Igbos.

That was the perfected opportunity they needed to kill us. While we were reading the Bible they gave us, they joined forces with their ‘’Northern adopted sons and their South Western goons’’ to kill over 3.5million of us.

But thank God that we are finally awake today. Our awakening was divine. It can’t be explained.  It started like a Joke and then caught the fire of revival within months.  And then within a twinkling of an eye, the truth in the message overtook the lies of several decades and corrected its evil intentions and its one sided narratives.

It all started with that small potable equipment that once coupled together becomes a radio station called RADIO BIAFRA.     
Thank Chukwu Okike Abiama that he woke us up through his son, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  We have awakened to demand the restoration of our lost identity.  We are awake to demand the unification with our brothers and sisters, kiths and kins.Thank God that through the awakening messages of his son that we now know “Igbo’’ ‘’Izon’’, ‘’Idoma’’ ‘’Isoba’’ ‘’Isoko’’ ‘’Igala’’ ’’Ibibio”  ‘’Ishekiri’’ etc are all one.
We are now awake to the reality that: If you have 4 market days and your women tie 2 piece wrapper, then you are one of us.

The irony of it will is that the stealing  of identity started with the coming of the British colonists and our awakening started from the teachings by a dual British citizen through a Radio Station (Radio Biafra) headquartered in Britain.

Although we lost it all through them, we have today gotten the key to our recovery and restoration through one of us who is also one of them but who has mastered their act of craftiness and deceit. What they know today we equally know it too.

The truth is that we will never sleep again. If we must sleep, then it must be with one eye opened.

Yesterday, we dined with them using a short spoon. Today, we have awakened to the knowledge that with only a long spoon should we dine with them.

Chuks Ikedigwe
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