If only they know our resolve.

Chuks Ikedigwe


It all started some years back when we told ‘’them’’ and humanity that we have come to take back what rightfully belongs to us – Our stolen identity, and lost nation – BIAFRA.

We assured them that the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra that we are demanding is our dream, our vision, our calling, our aim and in fact the only reason our parents gave birth to us. We informed them beforehand that we do not desire riches, wealth or even the so called good life.

We made it known to them that the coming of Biafra means more than riches, wealth and any good life that can ever be acquired in life.

But in their usual characteristics they laughed at us, mocked at us, scorned us, called us ‘’small boys and little girls, and tagged us face book freedom fighters, miscreants, jobless youths, and the impossible dreamers”.

They even claimed that we can never leave our shops and businesses to fight for freedom that it is just not in our genes and characters.

They counseled us to forget about asking for Biafra. They called us ‘’fools’’ who are attempting what their parents couldnt do. They reminded us of how our fathers attempted but failed to get Biafra in the past.  They even promised us that what killed our fathers will kill us. They equally reminded us of the millions of our kinsmen they killed in the late 1960s because of this same Biafra.

They promised that history will repeat itself if we do not stop. They asked us to rather go back to our vomits by working for the progress of same cursed entity called niGERia that we have rejected.

But off course, we said ‘’NO ’’ and “NEVER” in block letters.

And when we told them that we will ‘’destroy’’ that evil contraption called  niGERia that is holding our nation Biafra from being restored if they refused to let us go, they claimed we were building weapons for that purpose.

How shameless! Who in his right senses needs weapons to destroy a contraption built on lies and falsehood? Off course None. As all that is needed is to unearth the foundation with the TRUTH and it will collapse.

While we preached peace and non violence as our modus operandi, they preached violence, issuing threats of their intentions to revisit the genocide and pogrom of the past on us. To them, we asking peacefully and non violently demanding for Biafra’s restoration means a repeat of the CIVIL WAR.

Alas! then we drew their attention that it’s same right to self determination that their President advocated before the UN for the Islamic territories of Palestine and Western Sahara which they hailed as being very ‘’Patriotic’’ that we are demanding. But they claimed that our own demand is ‘’secession’’ and must not be allowed.


Sensing that we are very determined to truly destroy the Zoo nation’s (niGERia)  foundation with the TRUTH, they activated the panic mood. And typical of discussions and decisions made in panic, they simply committed several blunders that we just walked into to take advantage of and prove our resolve.

Rather than tell the world that we were truly hitting them hard and exposing their lies for the world to laugh at their folly, they cooked up the ‘’THEY ARE PREACHING HATE NARRATIVE AGAINST US’’

Well! What do you expect from black men from Africa? Off course, to them, ‘’ truth is felony, sorry treason in their empire of lies’’

They then had news editors, publishers, TV and Radio station owners and officials’ palms greased to stop any reportage of our activities.

Off course, that is BROWN ENVELOP Journalism in niGERia for you.  It’s same with the money-for-hand-and–back–for-ground-profession. It’s about he who pays the piper determining its drum beats.

They simply wanted a total black out of media reportage of the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). They wanted and aimed to permanently cover the truth thus leaving the people in ignorance so that the status quo can be maintained.

Unfortunately for them, the more they attempted to cover the truth the more like the crème la crème principle it kept rising to the top. And when they realized the foolishness in attempting to cover the truth as preached by the son of Chukwu Okike Abiama, Nnamdi Kanun who leads the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and directs Radio Biafra/TV, they asked the people to stop listening to the gospel by ignoring its message of redemption.

They used the Director, Public Affairs of NBC, Alhaji Awwalu Salih to issue the order.

Hear him speak, ‘’ ignore the inflammatory content of the broadcast by Radio Biafra and continue to work toward a strong, united and prosperous nation.  We are aware of a pirate radio station transmitting seditious and divisive messages’’    

By the way, can the truth be ignored? Off course, ‘’NO’’

Do I need remind you that even the President of the country, African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB) will equally confirm that he is an ardent listener of Radio Biafra? He confirmed his listenership of Radio Biafra through his presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

Hear him speak, ‘’ Buhari has denied expressing anti-Igbo sentiments as alleged by the propaganda channel, Radio Biafra. The voice being ascribed to President Buhari in the recording, repeatedly played back by the pirate station, is definitely not the president’s. Nigerians should therefore ignore all propaganda designed to sow seeds of discord among them and promote a separatist agenda against national unity, solidarity and progress’’

Do I hear you say ‘’what a free presidential endorsement from such an unexpected source?’’

Is it not amazing how they who initially bribed to ensure our media blackout ended up giving us a free worldwide media prominence?


When they finally discovered that ourRadio/TV operates on a high frequency that is un-jammable and un-neutralizeable, they unleashed an unprecedented level of mayhem never seen in democracy on us. They thought that by killing us whenever we peacefully march in the streets that we will stop coming out.

But they are wrong, as to us our creed remains, Its BIAFRA or DEATH!

The truth is that Biafra is very near now. I know it because ‘’God has allowed me to go to mountain top. And I have looked over, and I have seen the land of Biafra. We only have to remain relentlessness and maintain our resolve and very soon, we will all get to the land of Biafra – the Promised Land’’

Chuks Ikedigwe
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