ANC has never been more divided, says Buthelezi

The African National Congress has never been weaker or more divided than now, and its prospects of electoral success on August 3 have never been worse, Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi said on Saturday.

Addressing an IFP municipal election rally in President Jacob Zuma’s hometown, Nkandla, which is governed by the IFP, the veteran leader said the IFP knew the kind of competition it faced.

“We know how desperate our opponents are to take Nkandla away from the IFP. But we also know the strength of the partnership between the IFP and Nkandla. It’s a partnership build on trust, and it won’t easily be shaken. We are not prepared to hand the reins to people who care more about power than service,” he said.

Losing Nkandla had been a blow to the ANC. Losing their president’s hometown to the IFP chaffed at their pride and they set their sights on taking back power. The campaign for 2016 had thus been fierce, not only there, but across South Africa.

IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu. Credit: INDEPENDENT MEDIA

“Because the governing party has never been weaker or more divided, and its prospects of electoral success have never been worse,” Buthelezi said.

“Of course we know that a desperate animal fights the hardest, so we have not been complacent. The IFP has been vigilant in every by-election, and we will be vigilant on August 3rd, because we know that our opponents are not above using dirty tricks to manipulate the electoral outcome.