Zimbabwe police arrest calms anti-Mugabe riots in Harare

Zimbabwean security forces reportedly abducted, assaulted and arrested dozens of opposition activists before the launch of the country’s controversial “bond notes”, and ahead of planned anti-Mugabe riots in Harare on Friday last week.

The police raided Dzamara’s office on Thursday, looking for him and another activist, Sten Zvorwadza .

The two were said to be in hiding.

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According to sources, a group of 12 men in unmarked vehicles found Dzamara and another activist, Ishmael Kauzani, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Cars belonging to the two men were reportedly set alight.

Dzamara was stripped and assaulted and left for dead by the roadside. He has since been discharged from hospital.

He said: “I had been swallowed alive! But the quest for a new and better Zimbabwe is higher and bigger than any individual.”

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Three other activists, identified as Calvin Mutumba, Nathan Matadza and Nashe Benson Savanhu, who were in Dzamara’s car, had not been located by yesterday.

Many fear the bond notes will trigger economic chaos, wiping out savings and livelihoods.

The latest clampdown has been widely condemned by the EU and US missions in Zimbabwe.

“The US remains concerned about Zimbabwe’s deteriorating human rights record,” the US embassy said.