Video: Fulani Militia Warns Nigerians Of More Bloodshed

A chilling video has emerged online, the video shows the Fulani militia warning Nigerians that more blood will flow despite their current attack on Uzo-Uwani Community in Enugu State, the terrorist vowed to kill more innocent citizens.
The Video which was obtained by Thetrent and translated by its editor, revealed that those terrorist quoted that they have friends on the higher places, both in the President Buhari’s -led Government.
Investigations on the video shows that it was sent to the governor of Zamfara State, Abdul’aziz
Abubakar Yari as a warning for him to call the Hausa farmers who rear cattle “to order”.
Read the translation below:
“We are Fulani herdsmen declaring war against any tribe, be it Hausa or any tribe that has being subduing us. We are everywhere in Nigeria… Zamfara, Sokoto, Katsina, Niger, Kano, Kwara, Oyo, Anambra, Kebbi. Our mission is to destroy souls and claim their properties, especially those of the Hausas and other minority tribes that have ganged up against us to steal our cows.

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“We will spill [the] blood of everyone in any community that kills one Fulani man. We are armed to the teeth and ever battle ready for any security agencies, if at all there is,because we have brothers in government circles. We have, on our side, top ranking officers, emirs, and what have you on our side and they are always willing to divulge secrets to us.

“Our people are in the military, the police, the secret police [Department of State Security Services], and many more.
“We are everywhere and we are not ignorant as you think we are. I am educated and knowledgeable of my Islamic rights. We have what it takes to defend ourselves come (sic) every time.
“We have beautiful women that will satisfy our sexual arousal, money, enough bullets, and others. We lack nothing. We have enough weeds to smoke.
“Take this video to the governor of Zamfara State. If he does not co-operate with us, we will bring an onslaught on farmers in Zamfara who stole our cows. Hausa man (sic) is not supposed to own a cow in the first place. They are all cows they stole from us, the Fulani.
“Any living soul in Nigeria that threatens a single Fulani man in the country will be dealt with by us.”