Turkish Mother Faces Five Year Jail Sentence For Throwing Slippers At Her Son During Argument

The prosecution claims that the footwear can be deemed offensive weapons and she meant to harm her son. The woman, Senay Guzelthrew the plastic slippers at her 38-year-old son Hasan on May 13, during an argument after he reportedly insulted her.

Even though the slippers failed to strike Hasan, he still filed a complaint about his mother at the local police station. After providing testimony at the station, the woman was charged with“attempting to cause deliberately light injury.”

A prosecutor launched an investigation and prepared a criminal charge, in which he asked for the woman to be jailed for between two and five years, saying that the slippers could be deemed offensive weapons. However, the elderly woman said she was unaware that the slippers could be considered weapons.

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“I threw my slipper because my son insulted me. It didn’t even hit him,”the mother said, as quoted by Turkish paper, Hurriyet.

“If I had known that slippers count as weapons, I wouldn’t have thrown them. And so what if this slipper hit someone? It wouldn’t even hurt. Is there any mother who does not throw slippers at her child when she’s angry at them?” She said.

Senay Guzel’s defense attorney, Hasan Ozan Orpak, said the case could set a dangerous precedent for mothers across the country.

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“From now on, mothers should think twice before throwing slippers. We don’t know if every slipper-throwing mother will be tried now. But if a complaint is filed, why not? These mothers may be sentenced to prison from two to five years,”he said.