The National Assembly Is Broke – Ali Ndume

The is broke declares leader of , Ali Ndume.
The senate leader Ali Ndume stated that federal legislators were not receiving their salaries as at when due.
Ndume said: “I know that the whole country is in financial difficulty, not only National Assembly.

“I have been in the National Assembly since 2003 but things keep getting worse; I think they paid us last month’s salary on the 16th of the following month or thereabouts.”
He also said: “It is not only with the national assembly, some states have not been able to pay salaries for six months, one year.

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“Some states were even asking their workers to go and farm for two days and work for the other three days in a week.”
Sometimes, it’s begs to wonder how he can compare legislator’s salaries with government workers some of whom have not been paid for months and even a year.
Truly, those who live in glass houses should not complain that they don’t have mirrors.

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