Sex Trade In The UK Set To Undergo Revolution As Scientists Look Towards Cyborg Prostitutes

Prostitution, known in most circles as the oldest trade on earth is set to undergo transformation thanks to the improvement of technology.

NUI Galway Law professor John Danaher, who has conducted research into human enhancement and artificial intelligence, said sex robots could be a good substitute for human prostitutes.

“The cyborgs can cater for desire for sexual variety, freedom from constraint and complication and fear of lack of sexual success.
“Technology may become better at developing emotional bonds with their clients.

A research cutting through Europe and the middle East has proven that most folks claim to prefer robot sex to actual sex with humans mostly because of the reduced risk of STDs.

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Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll, revealed the next step in making high-end sex toys will be to give them AI to replicate humans more closely than ever.

“We are building an AI system which can either be connected to a robotic doll OR experienced in a VR environment,”
“I think it will allow for an option that never existed before, and for some, may represent a happiness they [users] never though they could have.”