Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Launch Earlier Than Expected, Due To Exploding Note 7’s

Samsung’s been having a hard time since the launch of its Galaxy Note 7 phablet, primarly because the device has a bit of a dodgy production fault which, in a very small number of cases, has caused the battery to violently explode. This has prompted a massive smartphone recall, one of the biggest in our memory anyway, and Samsung is expecting tremendous losses off the back of it. Consequently, there are now rumours afoot that the firm is looking to launch the Galaxy S8 flagship earlier than expected, perhaps to shore up against losses made on the Note 7.

The word comes via sources speaking to the Korea Herald, there’s not much meat to it though other than the basic statement that Samsung could well bring the launch of the Galaxy S8 forward. It doesn’t go into precisely when we might see the launch; it was generally expected that just like the last two Galaxy S flagship launches Samsung would host an Unpacked event a day or two ahead of the MWC expo in Barcelona, Spain, which is usually in late February to early March. That doesn’t leave that big of a bracket for an early launch though – January, essentially, unless Samsung wants to get really bold and launch it before Christmas 2016.

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Speaking to KH, KB Investment & Securities analyst Kim Sang-pyo, said, “If Samsung’s flagship smartphone launch is delayed to the end of the first quarter of next year, the profitability of the mobile business division could be worsened next year.”

Interestingly, the report also had this to say about the Galaxy S8, “According to industry sources, Samsung has already started securing curved displays for the next flagship Galaxy S8. It is highly likely for the company to ditch a flat-screen version for the new phone.”

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Independently, SamMobile has its own report regarding the Galaxy S8 model numbers, despite the idea that there will only be a curved display model, there are apparently two model numbers; this could be to do with processor variants or regional variants, however.

“We have heard from our insiders that there are two versions of the Galaxy S8 which are internally referred to as Dream and Dream2 and bear model numbers SM-G950 and SMG955 respectively,” says the report. It also notes that the reason for these numbers is to do with the number four being associated with bad luck in South Korea, the Galaxy S7 was designated SM-G930 and usually Samsung increases the number by a factor of 10, but, wishing to avoid the dreaded number four, it has skipped it for the Galaxy S8.

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“Samsung has done this in the past as well when it assigned model number GT-I9300 to the Galaxy S3 but GT-I9500 to the Galaxy S4,” notes SamMobile. Yeah, true, but it still called it the Galaxy S4 though, didn’t it?