Robbers Kill Journalist Over Photographs In Kenya



26, died after suffering a gunshot wound from a three-man gang of robbers at his home.

The shooting occurred at his residence in Kitale, Trans Nzoia county, , on Wednesday, September 7, by 11PM.

Officer-in-charge of the case, , said the men gained entry after accosting his wife, , while performing a chore outside their home.

Mrs Otieno was fetching water outside when the robbers used force on her to gain entry into their home.

Janet said, “The three demanded a certain photo before engaging him.†“While trying to defend himself, they shot twice but missed,†she concluded. “The third shot killed him.â€

journalist in kenya
A in Kenya shot three times

Journalist Shot Three Times In Kenya

Consequently, the thieves made away with the journalist’s camera.

Some of the family’s electronics and an uncertain amount of cash were also missing.

The Star stated it is yet to determine the contents of the photograph(s).

Officer Mogere added that the division is launching investigations into the case.

According to reports by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, , 131 journalists have died between 2006 and 2015.

Only five of those cases made it to court, with journalists in Kenya facing judicial repression.

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  1. Tony says

    This is b serious ooo
    Journalists should c have freedom ooo

  2. Rex says

    Some journalists too should be careful oo
    Person wey don die don die ooo

  3. Roland says

    These days people are easily killed ooo

  4. Justice says

    Why not just submit the the photograph it’s not worth his life

    1. Haven says

      They want to be exclusive

  5. Nwoke says

    Most of all these are African ways of limiting journalists RIP

  6. Faith says

    Be should not have challenged the robbers naaa

  7. Chidi says

    These are the things that limit we africans