PMB Departs For UN Event


Muhammadu Buhari has departed the shores of Nigeria to attend a event in the United States of America (USA). 

President Buhari will also attend a meeting with the US president, Barack Obama on Tuesday, September 20, where both world leaders will discuss the issue of “continued U.S. support for security and economic changes in the country, as well the government’s efforts to counter the terrorist group Boko Haram.” 

The meeting, which has been confirmed by the White House, was not on the itinerary of the president which was released on Friday, September 16, but Buhari has left Nigeria to attend the event. 
President Buhari would deliver Nigeria’s statement at the opening of the General Debate of the Assembly on “The Sustainable Development Goals: A Universal Push to Transform Our World.”

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  1. mark barango says

    The guy is an idiot, u can’t even solve issues in ur own country and ur looking for UN to solve it, moron

    1. Wellington says

      You can’t blame him, cos have, he inherited a messed up administration so he is doing the best he can

  2. Richard says

    I hope it’s not one of them useless troops again

  3. Gold says

    Before coming into sit did he not see that the administration was messed up????

  4. Phillip says

    Nigerians ehn
    It’s a UN meeting not just an ordinary trip

  5. Tonia says

    Sometimes I wonder why other countries will gain from these meetings but not Nigeria