Pastor's are yahoo boys in pentecostal suits –  Freeze 

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F​reeze  a known personality in the entertainment industry. The opinionated never shy away from speaking his mind. Amidst the one time circulated rumours of his sack from , the ace presenter on his his regular sunday show discussed tithing in churches. 

According to some books in the bible, Abraham gave the first tithe and then the concept of tithing was introduced to God’s people. A number of books in the bible confirm that tithing is a necessity and adherence to it is a sure way to gain blessings from the lord. 

In most Nigerian churches, tithing is an important aspect of the gathering and pastor’s make sure that this law from the bible is strictly observed.During his interactive show on radio, , commented on twitter saying; the tithe payment could be directed into solving a real problem, like feeding the poor.

 He got a reply stating the importance of it being given directly to a church and that’s when he made the bold statement calling pastors;  “those yahoo boys inpentecostal suits”

And he continued to make his point 

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