Nigerians Call On Ancestral Gods To Save Failing Economy

4 25

Thousands of Nigerians have reportedly turned to the ancestral goddess of the Osun river to save them from financial hardship and economic woes.

The ritual rites, part of the festival held in Osun state, were led by priestesses who sang incantations as they slaughtered chickens to the goddess and asked for good fortune.

The priestess Oyelola Elebuibon claimed that praying to deities solves problems in a way that Christianity and islamity cannot.

Today, Monday has been declared a public holiday in Osun state for traditional worshippers.

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  1. Epiphania says

    Lol osun river kwa I thought we’ve gone past this stage

  2. Remi says

    I never knew osun was this traditional

  3. Ike says

    Anyways hope they will get an answer

  4. Chloe says

    They should pray oo
    But to the God