Nigerian Professor Develops Malaria Vaccine 

​A Nigerian Professor from the ahmadu Bello (ABU) in Zaria has developed a new vaccine to .

Professor Nasiru Shua’ibu of Biochemical Parasitology department who worked with Insitutte of Tropical Medidcine Japan said the new vaccine which is vastly different from other malaria vaccines would soon be available for Nigerians to use.

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In explanation, Shua’ibu said “The of the malaria parasite was extracted and the portion of the that is tested to be a good vaccine candidate is subjected to molecular biology methods which are used to produce a lot of the .

Professor Nasiru Shua’ibu of Biochemical Parasitology department 

“Then a method of cloning is now used to insert the DNA into a vehicle that will carry the DNA into either animal or human body.

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“It is then injected into the body of the animal or human and it eventually enters the cells of the animal in the same way a virus enters and infects cells.

“The injected DNA now uses the cells in the body to produce chemicals that will prevent malaria from infecting the body.”

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