My Prayer Is To Find An Amazing Guy Soon” – Linda Ikeji Says As She Celebrates 36th Birthday Today (Video)


Today is millionaire blogger, ’s 36th birthday, and one of her wishes is to finally start having regular sex. Hmm! I pray her wish comes true. Anyway, she said this in a video she recorded and put up on her blog this morning. Below is some excerpts that I have transcribed from the video.

“My 36th birthday…my wish is to find an amazing guy.Finally have regular sex. Have a bunch of kids. Be happy. Continue to…continue to impact my world. Continue to do what I’m doing. Continue to make a difference. That’s my dream. But the thing about is that I was paying so much attention to my career, I was so determined to succeed and I didn’t pay too much attention to my personal life.”

You can watch the video here-


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  1. Nancy says

    No ooo
    Make she no marry continue yabbing others

  2. Charles Diminki says

    If wishes were horses