More than 100 Kenyans get free vasectomies in Nairobi


Women usually take the burden for contraception, but the free procedure helped men step up

More than 100 Kenyans on Friday underwent vasectomies in the capital Nairobi, as the country hosted the first-ever free procedures to promote men taking the responsibility for contraception.

Organizers of the global event said that this year they decided to pitch a tent in Nairobi, Kenya, where the burden of family planning is usually left to women, to aid men in standing up for the future of their families by preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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According to the organizers, this is the fourth annual World Vasectomy Day, and the first held in Kenya.

Dedra Smith of the World Vasectomy Day organization said that many Kenyans turned up for the process, conducted by a team of world-class doctors to offload the burden of family planning from women.

“There are men sitting in the hallways right now waiting for the procedure. These men want to know that they have a family size that they can support so that they can give their kids and families the best life possible,” Smith said.

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