Meet The Tree Boy Of Bangladesh (PHOTOS)

Ripon Sarker, 7, suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis which causes the growth of scaly warts and has earned him the title ‘Tree Boy of Bangladesh’

He is unable to eat or walk due to his rare illness and doctors have reportedly said that his family does not have the financial means to send him for treatment. The boy is also said to lack proper nutrition causing him to be slow in physical development. Sarker was admitted into Dhaka Medical College Hospital on August 20 for treatment for the first time.

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tree boy of bangladesh

Ripon is a class II student of Ketgaon Government Primary School, was affected when he was only three months old according to his father. Warts began to develop on his hands and feet, which are getting larger, his father Mohendra Sarker says.

The Hospital’s Burn and Plastic Surgery unit coordinator , Samanta Lal Sen said: “We are hopeful about the child’s situation. We need to give him proper nutrition before the operations begin”. “He might require blood as well”

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While his symptoms are similar, doctors have said they are still not as bad as that of Bangladesh’s ‘tree man’, Abul Bajandar who underwent a successful operation at the same hospital in February.tree boy of bangladesh