Meet Nigerian Woman Who Designed Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Cake


Owner of Edible Spices, ,  has revealed how she was chosen to design the ’s  for the British High Commission in Lagos.

She shared the post below on her Facebook page :

“YOU are not man that YOU should lie…over 10 years ago, God gave me a dream bigger than my capacity, I have never tried to figure it out, I serve a great and mighty God, I just knew I had to wait for the right time… He told me I won’t have to beg for it, neither will I pay my way to success(and my pride began, yes I’m proud, I have the backing of the Greatest God) all I needed to do was just to rest and believe in his mighty words. I have been told severally to send cake samples to some celebrities for hype(yes it’s good when you are building a brand) but I don’t believe in it, I believe if my work is good enough, with God, kings, celebrities will sought after my brand not for self pity (if I have to send to a top person I admire, i’ll do with no strings attached, I do some anonymously anyways, you might be the next

I have gotten several requests from media houses to pay for news paper publications/Tv interviews so that I can be featured (it’s good for business but I won’t do that maybe for now). It has never been about fame and quick money(those who know me can testify) I believe in process, I know God wants to take me through a part only him will take glory for… some people ask how can a self taught cake maker be this good? Well I have told you severally I’m God taught, I don’t rely on my own understanding, my self and the Holy Spirit hold hands when I’m working on a cake ( this is my secret o trust me). So I was contacted last week to Make a Cake for the Queen’s Birthday Party, I had no idea what the design would be until yesterday evening… I was told dignitaries have been taking pictures of the cake at the British deputy high commissioner’s residence, A great achievement! To God alone be the glory. I’m not where God wants me to be yet but I’m grateful I’m following through bitter-sweet process.
Happy 90th birthday to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll
#ediblespices#gratefultoGodforall#heseestheheartandherewardsaccordingly” .

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