Lady Who Used A Pornstar To Test Her BoyFriends Loyalty Gets An Epic Reply

A lady who wanted to test her boyfriend’s loyalty decided to set him up with the ultimate honey trap. She sent porn star Valerie White to catch him out and the whole thing was documented on To Catch A Cheater. The unsuspecting guy didn’t give in to Valerie’s overt flirtations and admitted he had a girlfriend but she did succeed in getting his number after he suggested they could hang out.

That’s as far as it went but the best was yet to come. His girlfriend said: “Okay, okay. I’m not going to break up with him but I don’t like that he got her number and said he would hang out.”

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She called her boyfriend to tell him the whole thing was a test and got the shock of her life when the guy reacted angrily and dumped her for publicly doubting him and questioning his trust.