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Kim Kardashian’s Paris Home Invasion Robbery Thought To Be An Inside Job

Kim Kardashian And Authorities Believe Paris Robbery Was An Inside Job

The investigation into Kim Kardashian’s harrowing Paris robbery is moving at full speed and the cops believe that someone on Kim’s team is in on the caper.

According to TMZ neither the family nor the police believe that it was a coincidence that Kim’s bodyguard was nowhere to be found when armed gunmen came to her door.

From what the police know, Kim’s head bodyguard was at her side constantly while she entertained friends in her apartment. The only point when the robbers would have the opportunity to get Kim alone would come when he left to secure Kendall and Kourtney at a Parisian nightclub.

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It’s believed that someone must have told the men that Kim was temporarily exposed.

That said, it is not believed that Kim’s security guard was in on the robbery, but likely someone who lives in the building that could provide criminals with info on Mrs. West’s movements.

Sources say the cops are actively looking at the phone records of neighbors and staff to determine where the tip might have come from.

What do you think of all this? Do you think Kim and the K’s would make up this story just to create a dramatic storyline?

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