Is Majid Michael Now a Pastor?

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Majid Michel together with colleagues Timothy Bentum and Pascal Amanfo this past week ministered at Zoe Chapel International.

At an event themed Breaking Alters, the trio preached, prayed and anointed the congregation at Zoe Chapel International located at Lapaz Tabora Number 4.

The event was took place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday had Majid, Pascal and Timothy preaching.



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  1. shadlyn says

    God can arrest anyone @ any time.if his now a pastor that’s good.I pray God uses him for greater works

    1. Ekene says

      I don’t think this is real o, it might be a movie or something else

  2. anil says

    Lol.him pastoring might be in a movie,but if his now a pastor then praise be to God

  3. Biola says

    Wonderful is that a movie scene or wat
    Really interesting

  4. Terry says

    Am not sure I’ll let majid last his hands on me if it’s true sha

  5. Segun says

    Hehe this is a real arrest ooo
    Pastor Majid Michael nice one and good news

  6. Wellington says

    Even Pascal Amanfo
    This has to be a Ghana movie

  7. Irene says

    We should not rush into condemning like we know all about their personal lives

  8. Gina says

    Let’s hope it’s true first before concluding
    But it’s amazing shaa