iOS 10 Released With More Siri, New iMessage, Photo & Music Features

The free download will give Apple device owners a host of new features including the addition of popular virtual assistant Siri in most every app, and an Apple map system that offers traffic alerts and alternative routes. 

Perhaps the most talked-about addition comes in iMessages where you can now send “Tapback” reactions, add larger emojis and use “emojification” in which the app looks at what you have written and allows you to substitute emojis for certain words.

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Other upgrades included in the download are:

Apple Photos now has face recognition as well as smart grouping for location, topics and other categories. The new system is called “Memories,” and it will be done automatically.

Look for more 3D-touch enabled apps

Apple Music has been overhauled. It is easier to get to and edit. It’s easier to control what goes into your music library. You can also get lyrics.

Notifications have changed. You no longer have to open the app to reply,  just tap on the notification to launch the app. It’s easier to  clear all notifications now, too.

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A new setting for your lockscreen lets you set your phone to light up when you lift it. 

The Control Centre has two panels now. The first shows the same quick controls, the second shows music, the app that’s playing, volume and playback controls. There  is also a drop-down to select the output device.

A new app call Home lets you turn on lights and unlock doors when you are away from home.

In iMessages, “Invisible ink” allows you to send a message or photo that remains hidden, then is revealed when the recipient swipes it.

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The iOS 10 update is available for the iPhone 5 and newer,  iPad mini 2 and newer, iPad 4 and the sixth generation iPod touch.