Former President “Antonio Saca” Arrested By El Salvador

Former President “Antonio Saca” Arrested By El Salvador, Apart from him, six former officials in his government were also taken into custody, police said.

Saca – who was president of the Central American country from 2004 to 2009 – faces prosecution for money laundering and establishing a criminal association, among other charges, according to a police statement.

According to prosecutors, Saca has not clarified the origins of $5 million of the $6.5 million in assets he acquired during his time in office.

Saca, a former radio sports announcer, declared his fortune at $3.6 million when he took office. Five years later, it had grown to $13.1 million.

Sidney Blanco, the chairman of the ethics commission of the highest court, made serious accusations against Saca in a television interview last week.

Blanco said the 59-year-old was responsible for the misappropriation of state money during his time in office.

Also under investigation for corruption, is the former President Mauricio Funes, who succeeded Saca.