Ethiopia Declares 3Days Mourning After 50 Deaths In Stampede 


has declared three days of national after a at a religious festival in Oromia, which started after fired tear gas and warning shots, killed at least 50 people.


Protests in Oromia started in November last year when the government announced a plan to expand the capital – a city-state – into the surrounding Oromia region.

Many Oromos saw that as a plan to remove them from fertile land. The scheme has since been dropped, but the unrest spread as demonstrators called for the release of prisoners and for wider freedoms.

In the Amhara region, demonstrations began over the status of a district – Wolkait – that was once part of Amhara but was incorporated into the neighbouring Tigrayan region more than 20 years ago. Those demonstrations have also since spread.

Source – Aljazeera

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