“Dollar Will Exchange For N150, Bag Of Rice For N5, 000,& Fuel Will Sell for N30” – Prophet

Prophet Ade Okeowo of Word of Liberty Evangelical Ministry, Ikorodu, Lagos State, has revealed that Nigeria will soon experience a turnaround as prices on commodities will crash in no time, stating that God did not, however, specify that the revelation would come to pass under President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime. He specifically mentioned that God told him the cost of bag of rice and fuel, will be drastically reduced. He made this revelation in a chat with Encomium, urging Nigerians to stop casting blames on President Buhari, as he needed time to fix the country.

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He said, “That’s what God has revealed to me. Listen to me attentively; I am not speaking my words but God’s. “Now, people buy rice N25, 000 per bag but God told me that we’re going to buy a bag of rice as cheap as N5, 000. A US dollar will exchange for as low as N150 and fuel will sell for as low as N30 or N40 per litre. That’s what God said will happen in this country.” “Nigeria will be forced to a stage of break up but God will intervene.” The Prophet further noted that Buhari is not to blame for the economic woes. He said, “We should not blame anybody. People should not even hold Buhari responsible at all. From what God has revealed to me, He sent Buhari to Nigerians as an angel.

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