Crime: Student Asks Siri How To Hide A Dead Body 

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A man accused of his roommate’s  in September 2012 allegedly asked where to hide the .

Pedro Bravo, from Florida, was put on trial for kidnapping and strangling his roommate Christian Aguilar over an argument about an ex-girlfriend.

“Bravo was charged with murder on Friday September 28, 2012, though his friend’s body was not found until weeks later when hunters stumbled across Aguilar in a shallow grave in a nearby forest,”
Now, phone records show that Bravo had used Apple’s assistant to help him locate a place to ditch Aguilar’s body, as well as use the phone’s flashlight function nine times on the day Aguilar disappeared.

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  1. Kelvin says

    Hmmmmm nice investigation
    Nigeria police how market?

  2. Friday says

    Lol he seriously had to ask siri? That’s kinda dumb

  3. Alex says

    When God wan punish person na so e dy be