British Athletes win 67 medals in the Rio Olympics

British Athletes win 67 medals in the Rio Olympics.
The British team who arrived Rio with the goal of winning 48 medals and eventually emerged with 67 medals made sporting history with 130 medallists accross 19 sports.
BOA chief Sweeney acknowledged the team work and 20years investment that combined to produce their outstanding performance.
It was reported that 317.5 million pounds had been earmarked for sports in the Olympic summer over the past four years on an eight year investment plan.
If only Nigeria would make a long term plan like that to improve various sectors, we would be economically improved. But instead, every politician is concerned about his term, re-election and his own pocket. Good visionary plans implemented by previous governments are often buried by new governments. Even if such investments are made, still arrangements and deals would be made by sporting officials and most of the money would go into their pocket.

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