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Beauty Tip: How To Know Your Skintype In Fast Steps (This Is Very Important)

A lot of people still get confused about their skintypes whereas that’s one very important thing to note especially when shopping for products.

Though skin types are usually genetically determined, it’s best to know what skintype one has to be able to tailor whatever products, regimen etc that best suits the type of skin one is in.
For instance a good water based moisturizer will work well on an oily skin as against using on dry skin that needs intense moisture and so on.

A smooth and soft skin requires dedicating time to actually tend to the skin, this could be in form of exfoliating, deep cleansing and doing more skincare processes often to constantly replenish the skin.

Check out fast pointers for knowing skintypes at a glance!
1. Normal Skin:
Neither Oily nor dry
Few discolourations
Blemish free
Appears smooth

2. Combination Skin:
Oily areas
Dry areas

Prone to blackheads
Large pores

3. Oily Skin:
Shiny appearance
Enlarged pores
Acne prone
Blackheads prone

4. Dry Skin:
Flaky or dry  patches
Tight appearance
Dull and lacklustre
Fines lines

5. Sensitive Skin:
Blotchy patches
Broken Capillaries

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