Barack Obama against 9/11 bill allowing affected families to sue Saudi Arabian govt 

​US president Barack Obama has rejected a bill that would have allowed families of the 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia government.

The president argued that the bill could have wrong consequences by opening the US to lawsuits by anyone accusing the US of terrorism rightly or wrongly.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, a Republican urging colleagues to support the veto, said “Americans are in countries all over the world, many of those countries do not respect the rule of law, and we cannot expect their responses to be as measured and narrow as ours.”

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Fifteen of the 19 men who carried out 9/11 were Saudi nationals. Families of the victims spent years lobbying lawmakers for the right to sue the kingdom in US court for any role elements of Saudi Arabia’s government may have played. Saudi Arabia, a key US ally, strongly objected to the bill.