Baby Born With 15 Fingers & 16 Toes Undergoes Surgery 

 A baby born with 15 fingers and 16 toes is set to undergo a number of corrective surgeries. The eight-month-old boy has 31 digits – but no thumbs on either palm. 

He was born to migrant workers in the the village of Zhongping in China’s southern Hunan province.

He seemed to have inherited the condition known as polydactyly as his mother has one extra finger on each hand.

After learning of the boy’s plight the No 6 hospital of Ningbo City offered to reduce the family’s medical costs – estimated to be around $58,000 and perform the surgery in three stages.

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Doctor Xu Jihai said the operations will involve cutting off the boy’s extra fingers and toes and eventually reshaping his remaining digits.

The hospital has promised follow-up treatments for him for the next 16 years as he grows up.