48 Yr Old Trader Arrested for Impersonating Army Commander

A 48-year-old has been arrested by the Central District for impersonation and defrauding by false pretences.  The suspect, Anthony Dzotofe, allegedly collected between GH¢500 and GH¢1,500 from a number of unsuspecting persons under the pretext of recruiting them into the Army. Dzotofe’s arrest on Saturday followed the vigilance of some of his victims.

The police alleged that the suspect in January, last year, introduced himself to his first victim as a second in command at the Medical Unit of the 37 Military Hospital. He showed an identity card, the police said, to support his claim and to convince his victim.

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Anthony Dzotofe then took money from the victim pledging to facilitate a process for his enlistment into the Ghana Army. Since then he got a new title and for himself, taking various sums of money from people but was never able to enlist any into the army.

Some of the victims later called him with another phone number, feigning interest in joining the army, to get him arrested by the police. At least more than ten people have since identified the suspect in the same capacity and are helping the police in the prosecution process.

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The Police is also calling on the public, especially those who have fallen victims through same or similar trick, to contact them to assist in investigation and prosecution.

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