37 Unlicensed Filling Stations Sealed In Akwa Ibom

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This announcement was made by , the DPR’s Operations Controller, during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria () in Eket Local Government of the state on Tuesday.

According to him, the owners of the unlicensed filing stations would have to pay a sum of N1 million each as fine for their offences.

His words:  “In the last three months, we have sealed over 37 for illegality and three were caught violating DPR’s seal order in .

“We have sealed them and they will not be opened for three months until they pay a fine of N1 million each.”

“What we are doing is to ensure that there is no illegality and to ensure that the dispensing efficiency of the entire dispensing pump is really good and accurate.”

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  1. Oyoki says

    Nawa ooo just one state thirty seven unlicensed filling station

  2. Kunle says

    A whole thirty seven! This may cause fuel scarcity there

  3. Clara says

    Hmmmmm every where is getting tighter ooo